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Mouthwatering Chicken Burgers

Chicken Burgers

Chicken burgers are great alternatives to ordinary every-day chicken recipes or regular hamburger recipes. Chicken produces a fine, delicate patty with unbelievable taste.

It amazes me that ground chicken patties are not more popular. Thinking back I can't remember ever being offered a chicken burger at a cook-out that was not made with a plain breast fillet.

I urge you to make the effort to grind or finely chop some chicken and make a patty. Don't over-cook it and you will be rewarded with a succulent burger that is healthy and extremely tasty.

Try adding a few soaked wood chips to your barbecue fire and taste those chicken burgers. You wont believe the result.

Free range chicken, generally tougher but much tastier than mass-produced chicken, is perfect for grinding into patties. As with turkey, tough chicken becomes very tender when ground so you have the advantage of not having to sacrifice flavour for tenderness.

Mixing light and dark chicken meat in patties makes a refreshing change to normal breast burgers. Try mixing chicken and turkey, it tastes great.

Some Advantages of Chicken

Value for money. Probably the main reason for the popularity of chicken recipes. Chicken is relatively cheap compared to other good quality meats.

Health. The medical profession and dietitians do not promote fish and chicken as the healthier protein options for nothing. They should know what they are talking about.

Availability. I have spent some time in parts of Africa where commodities were very scarce but chicken was always readily available and affordable. Back in 'civilization' good quality chicken is always available in every supermarket which can't always be said for quality red meat.

Acceptability. While some guests might refrain from eating red meat or pork due to health or religious reasons you will rarely run this risk when serving chicken.

Practicality. Ground chicken is naturally far stickier than other ground meats. This enhances it's binding properties so making patties that are stable and do not fall apart easily is a piece of cake when using chicken.

Tips on Making Burgers

Please read my Tips on Making Burgers page to get the most from my chicken recipes. Even the most inexperienced burger maker should have no problem in turning out great tasting chicken burgers.

Chicken Burger Recipes

My chicken burger recipes appear in the links below. I hope that you will enjoy them and derive as much pleasure as I do from preparing, serving and eating these somewhat "different to the regular" hamburger recipes. Should you have any comments about my recipes please feel free to contact me HERE I would love to hear from you. If you have any ground chicken burger recipes that you may want to share with me I'll gladly add them to my site.

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