Grinding Meat Yourself

Ideally you will want to use good quality tender meat and grind it using a coarse plate (about 1/4" or 6.5mm) in your meat grinder to bring out the flavour with great texture.

Cut all the meat into small cubes not bigger than 1"(25mm) and if you are adding extra fat cut it into much smaller cubes, maybe 1/4 the size of the meat. This allows you to distribute the lesser volume of fat more evenly. The same principle applies if you add a second meat type, like bacon, which is less in volume than your primary meat.

Spread the meat cubes in a single layer on your work surface and then distribute the fat (or second meat type) evenly over the meat. Spice the layer of meat, turn it over (spatula/egg lifter works well) and spice the other side as well.

If you intend binding the mixture for patties with a little fresh bread crumbs soaked in some cool stock and a bit of egg now is the time to distribute this evenly over the meat.

Mix everything through lightly with your hands and put the mixture into the freezer until it is very cold (just before it starts to freeze). A very cold mixture makes grinding meat an effortless experience.

For more detailed tips and advice check my Grinding Meat Tips page.


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