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Real Easy Hamburgers that Taste Real Good!

If you are looking for easy to understand and easy to make recipes for burgers that taste really great you've come to the right place.

This site is not only about recipes but is also a guide to help you experiment and create your own unique burgers.

What sets Burgers apart from other Meat Dishes?

Ground meat is just so versatile and easy to experiment with. You can combine different types of meat to create a whole new flavour experience. You also have the advantage of being able to add herbs, spices and other condiment to the inside. Believe me, this is creative cooking at it's best.

Everyone loves Hamburgers

    are great for entertaining guests, indoors or outdoors.
    can be cooked on any heat source.
    are always tender.
    are both economical and healthy.
    are so versatile, you can make them taste almost any way you want.
Almost everyone I know really enjoys a juicy, well prepared, home-made burger.

Choosing your Meat

For health reasons the USDA recommends that ground beef should be cooked to at least 160F/70C (medium done) to kill any potentially harmful bacteria. In effect this means that a rare or medium-rare beef burger is considered a health risk so to be safe your patty should be cooked through.

With this in mind, ground meat with a higher fat content (20-30%) tends to be tastier and juicier than leaner meat when cooked through. This makes it a better choice if you prefer your burgers medium to well done.

Although much healthier, lean ground meat (5-15%) tends to become a bit drier and less tasty when cooked through.
In my opinion leaner meat is definitely more tasty if cooked to less than medium done. I like lean, underdone beef but then again I think that getting into a car is a greater health risk than bacteria and I do that quite willingly.

Having your own meat grinder makes things a lot more predictable. You can determine exactly what goes into the patty.
Most butchers tend to put the tougher, sinewy more difficult to sell cuts into their ground meat and sausage. It's good business sense and grinding it fine enough tenderises the tough meat. Although tender it may not necessarily be tasty.

They also tend to add poorer quality fat. There is a big difference between the quality and taste of the fat that comes from the outer side of the carcass and the fat on the inside.

Ideally you'll want tasty and tender coarse ground meat and outside fat.
I find that meat from the fore-quarter has more flavour so my choice is a mixture of chuck and brisket.

Ultimitely it is the quality of the meat and fat that will determine the quality and taste of your burger.

How to Make Hamburgers

For help and tips on:
    deciding on quality or budget
    grinding meat
    seasoning meat
    molding patties
    regulating cooking temperature
    knowing when your patty is cooked
    bread rolls
take a look at my Burger Making Tips page.

Hamburger Recipes

My recipes appear in the links below. I hope that you will enjoy making these burgers and derive as much pleasure from them as I do. If you have any comments about my recipes please feel free to contact me here. I would love to hear from you.

If you have any burger recipes of your own that you may want to share I'll gladly add them to my site.

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