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(a bit of a miracle really)

Although completely off the track cosidering that this is a hamburger recipes site this information could be particularly valuable to someone who might want to build a web site that works and, like me, has no experience in this field.

About a year ago I designed and started development on quite a unique handmade hamburger patty press. As this project progressed I was faced with a marketing dilemma. I know that my product will only be valuable to a small interest group and I didn't know how to reach them without spending a fortune, which I don't have, on advertising.

It was my love of making hamburgers that led to the development of the patty press in the first place and I got to thinking that if I could build a web site crammed with rich content valuable to hamburger lovers I could reach my target group. People who look for hamburger recipes intend making hamburgers and these are the people who might be interested in my product.

Another spin-off would be that I would be given a chance to build integrity. If visitors found my recipes and advice honest and valuable they might be more trusting of my product.

The content for a site wasn't the problem but how to build it and how to get the site ranked on the search engines so it could be found definitely was a very big problem. I had absolutely no experience with a computer other than surfing the internet and e-mail. I wanted to build the site myself largely because I did not want to be dependent on someone else every time I wanted to change something or add new content.

Bottom line is I had to learn how to build a site that would work, a scary task for someone with my background.

After a lot of consideration I finally decided to go with Site Build It . Unfortunately they have some marketing strategies like pop-under windows that really irritate me and at first glance they seem a bit expensive but I can assure you they really do deliver what they what they promise and you really do get much more in return than what you pay for.

I got stuck in and built this site all on my own with only the help of the Site Build It program. I am very proud of my achievement so far and this is only the beginning.

If you are thinking of building a web site to market anything give
Site Build It a visit, it could be the most important step you take toward realising a dream.