When is my Chicken Patty Cooked?

Do you find yourself asking, "When is my chicken patty cooked"? Your patty is cooked when the internal temperature reaches 175F/80C at the centre of the thickest part.

If you don't have a meat thermometer the easiest way to determine the degree of "doneness" is by the firmness of the meat.

During the cooking process the meat changes colour, juices become clear, the meat shrinks and the patty becomes firm.

Don't press down hard on the patty with the spatula, you'll lose all those wonderful juices. Just lightly 'feel' the degree of firmness with the edge of the lifter regularly and you'll soon start to get the hang of it. When the centre is firm and the juices run clear the patty is cooked.

If you are new to this make a small cut in the centre with a knife when you think the patty is ready. If the meat is still pinkish it is not cooked through yet.

You'll master the technique quickly.


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