Ingredient Quantities

You will notice that to describe quantities or volumes of ingredients in my recipes I often use terms like 'pinch', 'shake' and 'handful'.

I do this mainly because I would like to get you into the habit of thinking about the amount of spice you intend adding and then adapting the quantities to suit your own taste preferences. This is the first step towards adding your own distinct touch to existing recipes and creating your own recipes.

Here are some guidelines:

When in doubt always put less spice or sauce into the patty mixture. You can always add more later.
It's a lot easier and more convenient than having to add extra meat to your mixture to dilute too much spice.

Always make a miniature patty, about a heaped teaspoon, after seasoning the meat and before molding the patties. Cook it in a pan and taste it. Now you can make any taste adjustments that might be necessary before you mold the patties.

As much as seasoning can bring out wonderful flavours in a recipe it can also totally destroy a perfectly good recipe if too much is used. The trick is to compliment, not overpower.

Allow your personal tastes and the availability of ingredients to gradually influence to a greater degree what and how much you put in, leave out of or substitute in hamburger recipes. At the end of the day when you serve those great tasting hamburgers the feeling of accomplishment will be far greater than it would have been had you strictly followed a recipe parrot style.


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