Seasoning Meat
(ground or finely chopped)

Before seasoning meat make sure that any veg, fruit, cheese, nuts or similar ingredients that you intend mixing into the burgers is chopped finely. If they are too large the binding process of the patties will be severely jeopardised.

If you intend adding stock to any hamburger recipes make sure that the liquid is cool. The idea here is to keep the temperature of the patty mixture as low as possible. You need the meat to be cold to be able to mold the patties properly.

Spread the ground or chopped meat onto your work surface in a thin layer, about as thick as an average steak.

Take a good look at the spread meat and imagine that it is one big steak that you are about to spice. This helps to avoid over or under spicing the burger mixture.

Distribute the herbs, spices, stock and other ingredients evenly over the meat.

Mix through with your fingers but try not to compress the meat too much in the process as this hampers the penetration and even distribution of the seasoning.

Chill the burger mixture before molding the patties.


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