Molding Patties

Before molding patties make sure that the mixed ingredients are very cold.

Divide the patty mix into equal sized balls, about 4 per pound/500g.

Rubbing a little cooking oil on your hands will help to avoid the mixture sticking to your hands during the molding process.

Another way is to place the meat ball in the centre of the inside of a sandwich bag and shape the patty through the plastic.

The more fat patties contain the more they tend to shrink in size. They also become slightly dome shaped during the cooking process.

Subsequently it is better to mold them a little bigger than the size you want the cooked patty to be. If the patties contain a lot of fat you can make them as much as 25% bigger.
It also helps to make a slight indentation in the centre of the patty with the under side of a spoon to lessen the dome effect.

Place the wrapped patties on a flat surface in the freezer untill just before they start to freeze or leave them in the refrigerator for an hour or two before cooking.

This is important for the binding process in all hamburger recipes.


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