Pepperoni Pizza Burger

Deliciously different! This Pepperoni Pizza Burger is a great treat and easier to make than you think. Pizza Burgers are fun alternatives to regular burgers and can easily be adapted to personal tastes and the availability of ingredients.
This Pepperoni Pizza Burger uses Hamburger's Basic Hamburger patty as a base (recommended) but you could use any store-bought burger patty for convenience.

Serves 4

For the Base:
  • 4 hamburger patties

  • For the Topping:
  • some pizza sauce, about a tablespoon per patty, or you could just mash a canned peeled tomato or two and mix it with a teaspoon or so of tomato puree

  • mozzarella cheese sliced, enough to cover 4 patties or about a handful of grated dry mozzarella

  • pepperoni, about 6 thin slices quartered. You could also use chorizo or salami

  • 2 pinches dried oregano

  • 1/2 pinch dried chili pepper

  • 1 pinch ground black pepper

  • For the Rolls:
  • 2 rolls

  • butter

  • Add the oregano, pepper and chili to the pizza sauce/tomato and mix through.

    The patties should preferably be broiled under a grill or cooked on a Weber-like barbecue with the lid on.

    Grill/broil the patties until half cooked and flip them over. Barbecue:- immediately spoon the sauce onto the patties, cover liberally with cheese, top off with the pepperoni (the quartered slices makes it easier on a small surface) and put the lid on the barbecue. Oven/Broiler:- wait a minute or two after turning the patties before you add the toppings. The burgers are ready when the cheese has melted.

    I have made these Pepperoni Pizza Burgers in a frying pan and it works quite well but you have to adapt slightly. I pre-warmed the sauce, spooned it onto the turned patty, added the cheese and put the lid onto the pan. I did not quarter the pepperoni and fried the slices lightly in a dry non-stick frying pan before putting them on the melting cheese just before the patties were done.

    Split the rolls and toast the cut surfaces lightly (under grill, on barbecue or in a dry pan) just before the patties are done. Spread a little butter on the toasted surfaces, add the patty and enjoy a great tasting Pepperoni Pizza Burger.

    You could use 4 rolls and top the patty with the other half but I prefer them this way.

    Bon Appetit!

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