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You will find all the recipes from Hamburger here on the All Recipes Index page in the links below. I hope that you will derive as much pleasure and satisfaction as I do from making hamburgers. If you don't have all the ingredients in the recipes substitute and experiment with what you have available. You might just end up with a better tasting burger than than the one in the original recipe.

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Beef Burgers

Bacon and Banana Burger

Basic Hamburger

Barbecue Sauce Hamburger

Better Beef Burger

Carpetbagger Burger

Chili Sauce Burger

German Burger

Greek Burger

Grilled Onion Cheeseburger

Mushroom Melt Burger

Sate Hamburger

Tropical Hamburger

Pizza Burgers

Margherita Pizza Burger

Marinara Pizza Burger

Pepperoni Pizza Burger

Regina Pizza Burger

Chicken Burgers

Bacon Chicken Burger

Basic Chicken Burger

Cordon Bleu Chicken Burger

Ham Cheese Mushroom Chicken Burger

Mustard Chicken Burger

Portuguese Chicken Burger

Sate Burger

Turkey Burgers

Italian Turkey Burger

Oriental Turkey Burger

Spicy Cranberry Turkey Burger

Lamb Burgers

Curry Burger

Greek Burger

Mint Sauce Burger

Pork Burgers

Basic Pork Burger

Vegetarian Burgers

Spicy Vegetarian Burger

Vegetarian Mushroom Burger